Meku Look Multi-Page Sticker Label

Meku Look Multi-Page Sticker LabelStick whatever you want your customers to know directly onto the bottle! Transparent films overlap beautifully, and can be peeled open and closed as often as you like! Convenient labels designed with the end user in mind.

A tack label without mount, combining high decoratively and durability; used by inserting booklet and such between clear adhesive film and release paper. As long as it is something than can be inserted with the feeder, numerous evolutions can be anticipated, depending on the function of the product being inserted.

1.Low cost since it does not use tack paper for mounting

2.The inserted item will be sandwiched between silicon of release paper and clear tack film, thus mostly isolated from air; so this is effective for enfolding items that should not come in contact with air until peeled off, or require barrier property

3.ince mount tack paper is not used, if pasted on a bottle with clear content, it can be staged to show the printed surface of the enfolded side in a panorama style through the bottle and its content. 

4.To prevent it peeling off easily, the clear adhesive sheet has pre-cut stopper.


Specifically Packaging Material

General Consumers Goods

The paper bag to which no water leaks out

It's possible to open from everywhere.

Eliminate and defend against odors

High performance water-soluble bag