IZAH!LET setA highly functional packaged product that can be used in an emergency situation; a large sized bag coated inside with activated carbon that has powerful odor absorption ability, combined with water absorbing polymer containing chlorine dioxide with strong anti-virus capacity.

 When using as a toilet or sanitary waste container, pour in advance or sprinkle over water absorbing polymer containing chlorine dioxide to the waste and exterminate viruses, not just moisture and odors.
If not used as sanitary waste container, there must be numerous more uses, such as “water storage tank”, “container to put in soiled items”, or “purposes for which effects from activated carbon such as far infrared radiation effect are counted on.”


Specifically Packaging Material

General Consumers Goods

The paper bag to which no water leaks out

It's possible to open from everywhere.

Eliminate and defend against odors

High performance water-soluble bag