A label’s job is to accurately convey information about a product. Labels bear the weighty responsibility of ensuring that everyone can use the product safely. In order to protect consumers, all packaging materials are now subject to strict rules differentiated by the product’s intended use. Our company strictly abides by each and every one of these rules, and provides labeling solutions tailored to diversified product ranges. We’ve spent years building our labeling expertise as an offshoot of our packaging production, so we’re confidant that we provide a service you can rely on.

Shrink Labels

These are labels made from plastics like polyester (PET) and polypropylene (PP) that can be heat shrunk onto a wide variety of containers. They are frequently used on food and beverage pet bottles. For products like medicines, where the label has to include detailed instructions and dosage information, we generally use a multi-layered type of shrink label. 

Stretch Labels

These are tube-shaped labels made from shrinkable polyethylene. They are stretchy enough to be easily applied by hand without the need for any equipment, so are ideal for use on large-scale containers and on highly flammable products that must be kept away from heat.

Glued Paper Labels

These are the most common and most simple type of label, which are adhered to bottles and bags using glue. Our Yolander Multi-Layered Paper Label belongs to this category. There are many types of glue to choose from, and materials can be combined to allow the label to be easily peeled off and disposed of separately, a feature that is kind to the environment.

Tack (Sticker) Labels

Tack labels are stickers that come with a pre-glued underside. This eliminates the need to apply glue before attaching the sticker, and as a result these labels have been taking rapid hold of the market over the past 30 years. Small ones are often used as promotional stickers on items like PET drinking bottles and cans. 

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