“KUROZO” is a unique technology of our company, which prints ink formed activated carbon onto paper using plates. These are products which have been given functionalities unique to activated carbon; coconut shell derived activated carbon, with high absorption effect on odors and good humidity conditioning ability, are applied like ink to the necessary parts of paper products such as bags and boxes.
By coating activated carbon to paper using plates in a fashion similar to printing, activated carbon can be applied partially rather than to the entire sheet, making it possible to avoid coating on margin portion of paper containers and paper bags, giving more freedom to activated carbon in its design patterns.


When you open a package a bad odor jumps out at you. Or sometimes a stench can escape from sealed packaging, or a lingering smell can get left behind on your belongings. There are many ways in which odors can be a nuisance in our daily lives. Our Kurozo technology doesn’t just stop smells from escaping packaging — it is also highly effective at protecting its contents from absorbing bad smells in their environment, such as may happen when clothes or food are stored or transported. Another great feature is that, because the activated carbon coating is pressed onto the paper with a board (just like in the normal printing process), the carbon can be applied to just certain parts of the paper. This means that we don’t need to apply glue to the adhesive tabs commonly used in the production of paper containers and bags, giving us the freedom to create any kind of carbon design.

■Deodorant ability of KUROZO seen in graph


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The paper bag to which no water leaks out

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