Half a century has passed since our foundation. Our company—a manufacturer that specializes in packaging materials for agrochemicals and pharmaceutical products, which require strict standards for quality—has developed “THE KAKUZOKO” series, a serious of square-bottom bags that draw upon the maximum potential of future packaging using our accumulated experience and technological capabilities.
Starting with our two-layer, square-bottom kraft bags, we offer a full lineup of optimal packaging materials that meet the needs of consumers, including bags that prevent water leakage and user-friendly bags that can be opened from any location.

The technological skill needed to execute the design of this double-layered high performance bag.

As industry leaders we naturally have a wealth of experience to fall back on. This square-based bag’s double structure, made by fusing an inner and an outer layer, demands a greater level of technical skill than an ordinary single-layered bag. Our range features a variety of laminated inner layers to deliver all the functions, such as airtightness, that may be demanded of this kind of bag. We tailor our bags to their purpose, sealing some with glue, and heat-sealing others to achieve a more impermeable result. 

Opting for stick-on paper logos has allowed us to supply this high-performance bag in small lots and to tight deadlines. Workers at our Susono Business Center lead the industry not only in the manufacture of paper bags but also in labeling, employing our exclusive technique to apply multi-layered labels. In order to maintain optimal quality, we’ve imposed an exacting system of production management to keep the labeling area free of impurities and to weed out sub-standard goods: in addition to installing cameras and other monitoring facilities, we order visual inspections by specialist staff as well as Quality Control Department patrols. At the label printing stage our products again have to pass through multiple checks before being dispatched onto the market. We’ve brought in a UV printer, equipped our printers with internal and offline fault detection equipment, and established a label inspection room where all labels undergo thorough examination.

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The paper bag to which no water leaks out

It's possible to open from everywhere.

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High performance water-soluble bag