Introducing “IZAH!”, our new brand of disaster relief and outdoor products created to meet the real needs of disaster and earthquake victims. We’ve put great care into selecting exactly what’s needed in an emergency, bringing our customers a range that could make all the difference if disaster strikes.

On March 11, 2011, Japan suffered an enormous damage by the Great East Japan earthquake.

The lifeline damage by power stoppage and liquefaction affected a far broad range, and some regions were cut off from water supply and sewerage systems even for a few weeks.

Most families had no container for drinking water supplied by rushing water trucks in a hurry, and poly containers for water storage were sold out instantly.

Also, in the regions where sewerage systems were unavailable, most families had no “container equipped with measures against smells” to keep feces and dirt and were annoyed by the bad smells.

Most families directly put feces and dirt into garbage bags etc. that were disposed without protection by anything, which resulted in the miserable situation of some recovery vehicles which were totally covered by feces caused by the leaked dirt coming out by compression.

These experiences have started up “IZAH! brand” to provide products that are helpful at the “IZAH!”

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Specifically Packaging Material

General Consumers Goods

The paper bag to which no water leaks out

It's possible to open from everywhere.

Eliminate and defend against odors

High performance water-soluble bag