Company Overview

Company nameKYODOSHIKO Co.,Ltd

CEO Mr. Yoshiaki Tokita
Employees 65
Sales 1,500 million yen (June 2013)

History from foundation to the present day

February 1967 With one million yen in stock capital, the company was established at 3 Chome 1-8, Morishita, Koto-Ku, Tokyo
May 1970 Opened a new printing facility at 3 Chome 15-5, Chitose, Sumida-Ku, Tokyo
February 1985 Opened a new printing facility and main office at 3 Chome 7-11, Miyoshi,
Koto-Ku, Tokyo
December 1994 Increased our stock capital to 10 million yen
July 2000 Opened a clean room
November 2003 Inherited Sankyo Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd. and took over all trade rights and
manufacturing facilities
August 2006 Increased our stock capital to 20 million yen
October 2009 Added a new building to Susono Business Center
January 2013 Received certification under ISO9001
September 2013 To accompany the expansion of our business and increasing dispersion of our functions, we renamed the Susono Business Center as the “Fuji Susono Business Center”, and created a twin facility through the addition of the new Hakone Forest Facility to the existing Susono Village.
October 2013 Moved our head office to 2 Chome 16-2, Nihonbashi, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo
December 2017 Moved our head office to 3 Chome 7-11, Miyoshi, Koto-Ku, Tokyo

Company Philosophy

Our company is dedicated to the production of packaging materials. Our slogan is, “Package it sure and secure”. As experts in the packaging materials field we have spent half a century devoting ourselves to all aspects of packaging design and manufacture. With our innovative production system that lets us oversee in-house the entire process from development to manufacture, and our cutting edge quality control system, we are ready to meet all the expectations our customers place in us. We’ve also started work on developing new product lines that encompass all the technical expertise we have accrued over our many years in business.

■Packaging Happiness
Human beings cannot live without health and nourishment. It is farming that gives us nourishment, and it is medicine that protects our health. We’ve had the great honor of being able to apply all the technical and human expertise that we’ve honed over our decades in business to manufacturing and supplying consumers with safe and thoughtful packaging for the product that supports the very root of our happiness — medicine.

■Our Dreams
Through continuously improving our company we, and our products, have established an important and valued position in society, and in the process we’ve added value to the lives of everyone with whom we’ve come in contact. It is the people who make a company. We believe that we can achieve absolutely anything as long as we have staff who are considerate and positive, and who have clearly defined dreams and goals. Let’s stride forward with bold ambition and with pragmatic and compassionate consideration for the needs of others. Let’s grow together with a shared sense of purpose and joy in our work. A company is a place where we can all find happiness together.

About Our Offices

Fuji Susono Business Center
Hakone Forest: Sales Office, Secondary Production Facility (labeling, manufacture of food packaging materials), Quality Control, Data Production
Fukara 3642-11, Susono, Shizuoka Prefecture
TEL: 055-965-0107 (charges apply) FAX:055-965-0137
Susono Village: Primary Production Facility (Paper Square-Base Bag / CMP bags), Quality Control
Kune 81-2, Susono, Shizuoka
Tokyo Main Office: Tokyo Sales Office / Product Development Office
Kiyosumi ShirakawaForrest Building 2F, MIyoshi 3-7-11, Koto-Ku, Tokyo
TEL:03-5245-1514 (charges apply) FAX:03-5245-1516
8 minute walk from Kiyosumi Shirakawa Station, Exit B2, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Lines
10 minute walk from Kiyosumi Shirakawa Station, Exit A3, Toei Oedo Line

Specifically Packaging Material

General Consumers Goods

The paper bag to which no water leaks out

It's possible to open from everywhere.

Eliminate and defend against odors

High performance water-soluble bag