Jun 8, 2016
7/6-7/8 It’s submitted to sales promotion EXPO2016.
Jun 1, 2016
6/3-6/12 Tokyo Samawah inn Fez is submitted to 2016.
Apr 18, 2016
I submitted to 4/13-4/15″Wine and gourmet JAPAN2016″
Sep 3, 2015
Japanese packaging contest 2015 wrapping idea prize winning a prize
Jul 6, 2015
7/13~15 Promotional Goods EXPO
May 9, 2014
We’ve launched our English language website.
May 8, 2014
We’re exhibiting at the Interpack 2014 Trade Fair held in Dusseldorf, Germany.


◆ Structured to Retain Water With thin film laminated on both sides of paper, a paper bag with truly papery texture that can contain water is born. It can safely contain not only obvious choices like ice and water but also other items with moisture content. Great as a substitution for an ice cooler (a device to chill wine and sake), a flower vase and a planter box, and for many other purposes. ◆ Wide Variety to Choose from Five distinctive variety (in different graphic/materials) are available – kraft paper color, transparent, navy, bordeaux, and wine bottle graphic. The wide variety allows you to make the perfect choice for any occasions. ◆ Structured for Stability The bottom part of the bag is perfectly flat, making it highly stable. It can stand firmly when stuffed with ice or water. *When you put in ice/water, make sure not to overstuff the bag. The half of the bag’s height is roughly the max content.

The paper bag to which no water leaks out

First in the world! The paper bag to which no water leaks out. There is 2 kinds of handle, so it's easy to carry around. When putting ice and water in the inside, you can use it just as it is as wine cooler.

It's possible to open from everywhere.

What is “easy open bag”?

The evolution system of the bag in the square bottom where paper and a film were combined. Even if scissors are not, opening is possible by only a hand easily.

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